Keynote Offerings

The HIP Board of Directors and Trainer team offer dynamic keynotes on various topics for corporate and academic audiences. These talks range from 30-90 minutes and some include accompanying readings and workshops.

Dr. Philip Zimbardo
hip President and founder
home base: san francisco bay area, california, u.s.

"My Journey from Creating Evil to Inspiring Heroism."

This lecture traces Dr. Zimbardo’s journey from childhood to his conduction of the Stanford Prison Experiment on the theme of the banality of evil, and his subsequent pivot of focus to the banality of heroism. His new mission is training people around the world to be wise and effective heroes who stand up, speak out and take action in challenging situations in their lives.

wendy addison
CEO SpeakOut SpeakUp Ltd
Whistleblower for ‘South Africa’s Enron’
home base: london, england

“The Whistleblower for 'South Africa's Enron' shares her story of lessons learnt”

Wendy shares her journey from whistleblowing in South Africa to empowering others to engage in Courageous Conversations, with the overarching message that Silence is NOT Golden and Speaking Up is Integrity in Action.

Learn more about Wendy here.

matthew p. winkler
hip trainer
home base: san francisco area, california, u.s.

"The Hero's Journey"

Ancient myths all follow a plot structure that echoes through modern movies, novels, and video games. This presentation explains the hero’s journey and how it relates to our real lives.

"Developing a Growth Mindset"

Everybody fails, but people respond to failure differently – with a “fixed” or a “growth” mindset. This presentation examines attitudes toward failure and forces participants to reconsider their own.

"Combatting Stereotype, Prejudice, and Discrimination" 

Can anybody be totally objective? Participants will discover their own implicit biases and learn ways to manage them.

"Combatting the Bystander Effect"

An individual is likely to help someone in need. A crowd of those individuals will stand by, waiting for someone else to act. This presentation explains the bystander effect and empowers participants to overcome it.


Zeno Franco
hip board member and
Assistant Professor at Medical College of Wisconsin
home base: milwaukee, wisconsin, u.s.

"Understanding Heroism and the Heroic Journey in Large Organizations: Implications for Corporate Compliance." (Accompanying workshop available.)

"Understanding Corporate Diversity & Inclusion through the Hero's Journey: Reflections of a Hispanic Professional." (Available as a lecture or a workshop)

"Managing Community/Academic Partnerships. A Virtue Ethics Perspective."

"Overview of Heroism Research."

"Existential and Humanistic Aspects of Heroism: Promoting Human Flourishing"

"Heroic Leadership in Crisis." (Supplementary reading included.)

"The Dryhootch Partnership for Veteran Community Health:  Examining Community/Academic Partnerships through the lens of the Hero's Journey." (Can be modified for a focus on how complex university/community collaborations can be viewed through the stations of the hero's journey.)


Scott Allison
hip board member & professor of psychology at university of richmond
home base: richmond, virginia, u.s.

"The Art and Science of Heroism."

"The Hero’s Transformation."

"Heroism and Heroic Leadership: Current Understanding and Future Research."

"So Who’s Your Hero? The Heroism Construct."


Graham Goulden
hip trainer
home base: scotland

"Speaking out and Standing up."

  • Graham Goulden served as a police officer in Scotland for 30 years. During his career, he interviewed countless of witnesses who had watched friends, teammates and work-colleagues being harassed and abused. In many of these cases it was common for the witness to state that they knew something was wrong long before the event but hadn’t spoken up. This session will help develop the “inner hero” in all of us by revealing how participants can build a supportive work and learning environment and prevent abuse long before it becomes an acute or chronic problem. This session can be delivered as a keynote or as an interactive workshop.


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