Hero In Residence

The Hero In Residence program recognizes, supports and amplifies the stories of everyday heroes. 

Heroic Imagination Project is looking for individuals who took a personal risk or placed themselves in harms way to help another person or change a situation. 

This initiative aims to allow heroes to:

  • Receive recognition for their act/service, and psychological support and growth
  • Share their lessons about moment of heroism with others; and
  • Consider future opportunities following their act of heroism

It is free and open to all via a semiannual nomination. 

Over a period of six months, those chosen as Heroes In Residence will receive support and guidance from HIP mentors to reflect and share their story for larger community impact, learn to utilize HIP training in their future work, and amplify any initiative they may have considered launching. While some Residents may elevate their existing community activism, launch an initiative, produce a talk, become a HIP trainer, or turn into a Hero Evangelist, each Resident will also develop a video, in collaboration with HIP, to amplify their journey and may take the stage at one of the HIP events.

Upcoming Cohort

In Fall 2018, our inaugural cohort will welcome three (3) Residents, from California, chosen for their act of courage in face of personal risk.

Residents will collaborate with HIP virtually or in person in San Francisco. Any videos and talks developed as part of the Residents time with HIP, will be considered HIP website and featured on HIP’s social media channels. Residents may also have the opportunity to attend HIP events. HIP does not cover travel or living expenses.

The program was announced at the HERO Round Table conference in San Francisco in April, 2018. Together we honored Keenia Williams and Rudy Corpuz Jr., for their compassionate acts of courage. We are thrilled to invite them as our first two Heroes In Residence. Now we are looking for one more inspiring individual to join our Fall 2018 cohort. 

Who should apply?

Anyone who acted courageously in the face of personal risk, should apply.

We are looking for those who are willing to share their story, who care about their communities/workplace and want to make positive social change. 

Selection Process

Hero in Residents are chosen based on their courageous act, their character, and their ability to bring a unique perspective and positive contribution to the society at large. 

These Residents will be nominated by the HIP team and network. Each nomination is personally evaluated by the HIP team. 

Residents are then selected via a vote by the HIP Board of Directors.

Apply or Nominate

If you'd like to apply or nominate someone to be considered as a HIR, you’ll will need to complete a short application form. Nominate someone or apply by August 15th, 2018.

Founding Donors

Rachel Alexandria
Scott Allison
Sophia andary
Fatima Arastu
Courtney Barry
Dipti Bele
Dan Bergen
Suzanne Bernier
Alexandre Boisson
Jaime Bolano
Militza Bonet
gailynn carroll
Nadia Chelache
Johanna Deak
Carol and Richard Detweiler
Julie Dugdale
Chad Ellsworth
Nils Franco
Zeno Franco
Shawn Furey
Jose Julio Gonzalez
Graham Goulden
Sylvia Gray
Noel Hammett
Malee holland
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Anjali Kamat
Jensen Kile
Dana Klisanin
Jennifer Koop Olsta
Ajay Kumar
Bas Lijnse
David Mendonca
Brian Metcalf
Kathleen Moore
David nelson
Klaus D. Pluemer
David Rendall
Brian Riches
Jozef Ristvej
Laurie shaffer
Stephanie Shorter
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Adi Seal
Anthony Simeone
Andre Sólo
Ryan Spellecy
myron thomsen
Geeta wadhwani
Nancy Smith-Watson
Zoe Weil
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