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Heroic Imagination Project Aims to Create Everyday Heroes
Fox News
Heroes are more than characters with super-human strength; they can also be someone who simply lends a helping hand in the community. Anita Vogel shares a look at everyday heroes.
April 01, 2018


Ep. 18 - What makes a hero - in business and in life?
Strategic Momentum Podcast
In this interview, Dr. Zimbardo gives us a look into the foundation and purpose of his latest initiative, The Heroic Imagination Project. He asserts, “Anyone can be a hero. It's not the person. It's the action.” 
March 27, 2018


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Ep. 35 | Heroic Imagination: Inspiring Ordinary People to be Everyday Heroes
Daily Helping Podcast
"Make someone else feel special. Make someone else you meet or know smile. Move out of your comfort zone of focusing on yourself in an egocentric way and move into the world of promoting sociocentrism. Those are the biggest things, and people don’t do that only because it feels awkward… but once you do it, you change the world.”
January 29, 2018



How to Make a Hero - Mind Field S2 (Ep 5) / (HIP promo video)
Mind Field
In this episode, the Youtube Red Original Series "Mind Field" explores the question of "how to make a hero." Together we see how real HIP students respond when faced in challenging situations. What would you do?
December 17, 2017

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