Trainings and Workshops

What lessons does HIP offer?

  • Developing a Growth Mindset - developing the self-efficacy needed to explore personal potential and to cultivate skills necessary for everyday heroism.  

  • Combating the Bystander Effect - developing social resilience skills necessary to act effectively and overcome conforming forces in adverse or ambiguous situations when others are present.

  • Bias Reduction- identifying the effects and causes of bias, assessing personal bias, and learning actionable strategies to reduce tendencies towards discrimination in oneself and others.


What groups does HIP work with?

We work with audiences in secondary, and post-secondary education, the non-profit and corporate sector as well as individuals who own private practices or small businesses. Audiences tend to fall into two groups:

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What are the workshops and trainings like?

Each of our sessions uses a core curriculum to teach a specific lesson to encourage heroic action. Lessons for group trainings can be tailored to a certain degree based upon specific needs or experiences of the group. During the session participants will engage in group and self-reflection, interactive activities, small group work, goal-setting, and planning. The curriculum itself consists of various discussion questions, lecture segments, videos, and activities. These components are deliberately layered to delicately elicit changes in beliefs and behavior over the course of the lesson.

Most of our workshops for heroes in training last 2 hours. Some changes can be made to accommodate specific lengths of time for certain groups. Typically, 1-2 workshops are conducted in one day. Virtual sessions are available under certain circumstances.

Our HIP Educator Trainings typically last 3.5 hours per lesson in which the group is being trained. These sessions include a deep-dive discussion on the word “hero”. Typically groups are trained in one to two lessons per day. Virtual sessions are available under certain circumstances.


What options do I have to purchase programming?

Single workshop
Heroes in training, get to sit back and enjoy the day as they work together to learn crucial lessons about their own psychology that will help them take heroic action. In-person workshops are available for groups with up to 22 participants. Virtual workshops are available for individuals.

Trial membership
Secondary school teachers and non-profit youth workers can use the HIP lessons on a trial basis for a year with a limited number of users.

Professional Membership
A professional membership allows for individual HIP Educators to deliver HIP lessons in their communities. Professional members receive a detailed training for each lesson they wish to teach, supplementary resources, and mentorship from a HIP trainer. Professional members will also have access to the HIP online community where they have the opportunity to collaborate with other educators, seek further professional development, and receive exclusive content from HIP Headquarters.

Institutional Membership
An institutional membership allows for a group of HIP Educators to be trained to deliver workshops in their organization. Institutional members have access to the HIP online community where they have the opportunity to collaborate with other educators, seek further professional development, and receive exclusive content from HIP Headquarters.

College Club Membership
A Club Membership allows for one staff or faculty member to be trained in the HIP lessons. That educator may then train and supervise a small group of students to deliver the lessons within their school and/or community. This program supports peer to peer learning, public speaking and leadership skills. Click here to view a HIP Club Guide created by our member at Central Oregon Community College to determine if a HIP Club would be a good fit for you and your students.

Keynotes and tailored workshops
Our training staff and board of directors offer keynotes and tailored workshops.
If you are interested in this option, please visit our Keynotes page


Is there room for professional growth for me at HIP?

If they wish, and if they qualify to do so, all HIP Educators have an opportunity to grow into the role of HIP Trainer. This role is intended for individuals seeking to work at least part-time as a trainer/facilitator/speaker outside the organization with which they might be currently affiliated. HIP Trainers may charge fees for their workshops and can be commissioned by HIP for trainings or find their own work. Upskilling into this role requires additional training, both in-person and online. Please click here if you have inquiries regarding this specific role.


What if I want something else?

We often receive inquiries that ask HIP to collaborate, support projects, or to give advice. Other inquiries regard research opportunities and internships. It is a priority for us to engage with our community when opportunities arise that make sense for HIP’s mission and timeline. Please submit your inquiry here.

We also partner with Brightsity to provide the HIP curriculum in a comprehensive partner-based 8-week online format for Organizations, Universities and Healthcare settings. The program has shown strong positive learning and personal development outcomes.